Looking for fibre backhaul?

Looking for tower co-location?

Looking for
tower co-location?

Looking for
fibre backhaul?

INTERNET speeds “up to 10 times faster than what Toowoomba has now” will soon be possible for thousands of Darling Downs businesses, thanks to a newly-inked deal between the State Government, Toowoomba’s Pulse Data Centre, and ISP Over the Wire.

Visiting FKG’s Pulse Data Centre yesterday, State Innovation Minister Kate Jones said every time she came to Toowoomba she fielded complaints about the Garden City’s internet connection.

Pulse Data Centre: Innovation Minister Kate Jones visits the Pulse Data Centre.  “For years, businesses in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs have been left with a second rate internet connection,” Ms Jones said.

“It’s no secret that the NBN didn’t deliver everything the Federal Government promised.  “We want to end that.”

The State Government is using spare capacity on thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cabling through a telecommunications company called QCN Fibre – jointly owned by the State Government, Powerlink Queensland and Energy Queensland – to provide stronger, more reliable internet for Toowoomba, and eventually, the rest of the state.

“Today’s announcement means that these new packages will soon be on the market,” Ms Jones said.

“This will carry business and residential internet and data services at capacities of up to 100 gigabits per second – that’s about 10 times faster than what Toowoomba has access to now.”

QCN Fibre CEO Derek Merdith said QCN Fibre partners with local ISPs, as well as the major carriers, in regional Queensland to enable them to offer their customers much better backhaul capacity and internet speeds at very competitive pricing equivalent to established city-based data centres.

Over the Wire co-founder and director Brent Paddon said QCN Fibre had opened up competition and opportunities for regional businesses.


Article in Toowoomba Chronicle – 25 June 2020 – Reporter: Matthew Newton