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FASTER and sharper priced internet in Toowoomba means the RSPCA’s new Darling Downs animal shelter will be in a better place to support the care and rehoming of rescued animals in the region.

Queensland based company Over the Wire has provided sophisticated internet and voice connectivity solutions for the RSCPA across Queensland, developing a contact centre platform to connect their shelters with regional headquarters and retail outlets.

Thanks to an alliance between QCN Fibre and Pulse Data Centre in Toowoomba, Over the Wire will ensure the newest animal shelter on the Darling Downs has access to the same connectivity, pricing and internet solutions as its urban counterparts.

RSPCA Queensland CEO Darren Maier said having fast and reliable internet connection is important to any business and crucial to a charity such as the RSPCA.

“Our old facility in Toowoomba was plagued with many issues and one of them was reliable, speedy internet connection,” he said.

The new service with the support of Over the Wire and QCN Fibre, is cost effective and 10 times faster than our previous connectivity at our old shelter.

“This will enable our staff and especially the inspectorate to communicate and share vital data regarding our animals and cruelty cases in this region and others,” Mr Maier said.

Mr Maier said one of the reasons the organisation was able to relocate its shelter to the new Wellcamp base was the knowledge it would have access to QCN Fibre and Over the Wire.

“We have 13 employees and 84 volunteers operating out of Wellcamp, so internal and external communication is vital.

“Everything we are able to achieve from a people perspective impacts directly on the animals in our care. This not only relates to our shelter operations and veterinary cases but also to our inspectorate.

“We have two inspectors operating out of Wellcamp and they are investigating hundreds of cases of animal cruelty and neglect every year. Internet reliability is vital to their work.”

Over the Wire CEO Scott Smith said the partnership with QCN fibre will not only benefit the RSPCA.

“Extending our network to Toowoomba allows us to also bring innovative network solutions to businesses across the region,” Mr Smith said.


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Article in The Toowoomba Chronicle – 10 August 2020 – Staff writers