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In 2020, the Chamber of Commerce Queensland released its digital readiness report.

The report looked at how businesses use technology, rates of adoption, performance and limitations.

The report found an increasing use of social media to engage and reach customers, an increased use of cloud-based technologies due to improved services, and many business expressing improved optimism about the benefits of using technology.

A recent article penned by Andy Penn of Telstra and Tim Reed of the Business Council of Australia outlined the dramatic changes in the digital economy and telecommunications, due to the pandemic.

They outlined how quickly business and society adapted providing examples of telehealth, virtual meetings, online payments and learning.

These fast-paced changes in 2020 highlight the growing importance of the digital space and its impact on our economy.

As they point out in their article, it is now critical that these initiatives continue to be built upon.

Why? They argue, technology adaptation will drive productivity and efficiency, which in turn will drive employment opportunities.

Specifically, the article identifies that advanced digital engagement has facilitated 28% revenue growth and digitally enabled small to medium businesses are eight times more likely to innovate by offering new services and products.

With those statistics, it is time to help and support business engagement with the technology available to facilitate business growth opportunity in the short, medium and long-term.

To make this happen, we need to develop and implement programs which assist small business in accelerating any necessary changes.

All tiers of government are aware of the importance technology plays.

Australian Government projects like the Small Business Digital Champions, the State Government’s work in Toowoomba with the QCN Fibre, Pulse Data Centre, and Over the Wire to improve digital accessibility, and the recent Toowoomba Regional Council request for offer of a Digital Capability mentoring Program illustrate their acute understanding of the role technology plays in business, now and into the future.

We at the chamber understand how important the right technology is to business.

We have partnered with new platinum sponsor New Hope Group and local business Round Square Marketing to assist in this area.

A series of workshops covering social media must-knows for business, using platforms to increase awareness and creating successful digital sales funnels are planned, to be delivered later in the year.

These workshops will be turned into downloadable resources.

But is enough being done to support your business readiness for a fast pace digital world?

Let the Toowoomba Chamber know your thoughts by emailing admin@toowoombachamber.com.au


Visit the Source Article here.

Article in The Toowoomba Chronicle – 15 September 2020 – Todd Rohl, CEO Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce