Looking for fibre backhaul?

Looking for tower co-location?

Looking for
tower co-location?

Looking for
fibre backhaul?

“Our data connectivity was so poor; we were really struggling to complete the simplest of tasks in our back office like internet banking… We just could not operate this way.

Thanks to QCN and Channel Wireless, we can not only complete these tasks securely and confidently, they have even started a program to upskill the team with online training. And finally, we can interact via a stable ZOOM connection with our customers and logistic partners all over the world.”

John Dee is a family-owned Australian company with four generations of experience in producing and selling outstanding beef products, enjoyed by thousands of customers nationwide and around the world.

The Challenge

130km south east of Brisbane, Warwick is the administrative centre of the Southern Downs Region which includes Toowoomba. With more than 35,000 people living in region, the Southern Downs has a broad economy encompassing Queensland’s big 5 industries – agriculture, construction, manufacturing, retail, and health care & social services, accounting for an estimated $2.02 billion in Gross Regional Product and an economic growth rate significantly higher than other regions.

With such a thriving economy, improving digital connectivity, capacity and competition in the region will enable businesses and organisations to grow and thrive.

The Solution

QCN has worked with local fixed wireless carrier Channel Wireless to enable the provision of high-capacity services in region.

This has immediately benefitted local businesses with the ability to not only grow, but train staff and have sustained, quality video conferences.


60-fold increase in upload – making safe and efficient cloud computing possible.

18-fold increase in download speed – enabling the John Dee team to participate in online training and video conferencing for the first time, activities that businesses in cities take for granted.

Digital Pioneers in the Community: Brand New Potential

With new infrastructure comes access to the same business efficiencies that city-based organisations may take for granted – like online banking, cloud-based solutions, video conferences and online learning both for companies and schools. With these new efficiencies, organisations can start to dream more and identify new ideas and innovation. This in turn gives greater certainty of jobs, growth in the community and people can plan to stay in region, rather than having to move to the city for work or to launch their new business.


Channel Wireless can directly demonstrate the impact of improved connectivity, capacity, and competition. They are working hard to connect more clients to our network to continue to drive innovation with local Digital Pioneers. Watch this space for other companies and organisations in the future.

John Dee is just one organisation benefitting from Channel Wireless’ new capacity. Imagine what we will see next from this incredible, dynamic region?