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Looking for
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Looking for
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Our Extended Network

Our totally carrier-diverse and geographically-diverse fibre network spans more than 13,000 kilometres stretching from the Gold Coast, west from Brisbane to Toowoomba and beyond, and north through regional townships up to Cairns.

Our tower infrastructure exceeds 20,000 High Voltage and Telecommunications towers. With access to our fibre backhaul, our tower infrastructure opens up vast areas to the opportunity of improved wireless coverage and connectivity.

Cable Landing Station – SC1

  • Diverse, protected, resilient
  • 35Tbps capacity
  • Hand off to RTI
  • Wet path to Guam and Sydney

Our high capacity protected and diverse links into the Maroochydore Cable Landing Station (SC1) provide an international gateway to Guam and beyond.

Fibre, Tower & nbnTM Access

  • 13,000+ km fibre
  • 220 PoPs
  • All Queensland Regional nbnTM PoIs
  • 20,000 Towers 
  • Hand off to RTI

QCN’s core network uses Powerlink and Energy Queensland’s existing telecommunications facilities, with network extensions leveraging traditional telecommunications infrastructure providers. 


A joint initiative between Powerlink and QCN to improve access to high-speed internet and mobile phone coverage to regional areas.

Beginning with CopperString 2032, we will improve digital connectivity for regional Queenslanders along the Flinders Highway, from Townsville to Mount Isa.

Diverse Intercapital Paths

  • Brisbane – Toowoomba – Sydney
  • High capacity, low latency
  • Connect from Brisbane to Geelong and beyond

Through interconnection agreements, our network extends into central Queensland to Mt Isa, and throughout regional NSW, and on to Geelong. QCN can provide access to an additional 7,000km of fibre and more than 50,000 towers and co-location infrastructure.

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QCN Tower Access

0 +

QCN Fibre Access

0 + km

QCN Bandwidth

1Gbps to 0 Gbps

Wavelength + Alien

Partner Tower Access

0 +

Partner Fibre Access

0 + km

Partner Bandwidth

1Gbps to 0 Gbps


QCN’s cable network uses Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) to provide extremely high-capacity data transmission over optic fibre.

We are currently expanding our capabilities further, rolling out cutting edge Ciena WaveLogic technology across our edge environment.

Our network is unique, as the vast majority is strung above ground as Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) cables – part of the existing electricity network. This means that much of the network is not impacted by damage due to excavation or washout during major weather events. OPGW are easier to repair than buried fibre.

We also provide access to more than 20,000 towers and co-location infrastructure throughout Queensland, providing the opportunity to offer more services to more Queenslanders that are currently underserved, improving coverage, capacity and competition for all.

Our Services

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Break the Digital Divide

There is no doubt of a digital divide in Australia. As of 2022, 2.8 million Australians are highly excluded from internet access. Many companies and reports advocate for the bridging of this divide. At QCN, we think it is high time we break it.

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