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Looking for
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Looking for
fibre backhaul?

Monday, 5th September 2022, Brisbane, Queensland – QCN will undertake a major expansion of its existing network coverage and continue breaking down the digital divide thanks to a new agreement with Powerlink Queensland.

The new agreement sees QCN take over management of Powerlink’s telecommunications tower and co-location services, significantly extending QCN’s network coverage well beyond its existing fibre footprint.

Since its inception in early 2020, QCN has driven a ten-fold increase in delivered capacity across the combined 13,000km fibre networks of Energy Queensland and Powerlink.

QCN has also extended its fibre and backhaul reach beyond the power network, after successfully securing more than $10M in funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Connectivity Program.

“This announcement marks a key expansion in QCN’s capability. We will now manage the licenses to rent space on towers and structures on the transmission network, as well as communications sites across Queensland,” said QCN’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Derek Merdith.

“With this agreement, QCN will have access to a pool of 20,000 existing towers on Powerlink’s network, enabling cost effective market expansion for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) delivering services into regional Queensland.

Wireless backhaul and wireless in-fill services are essential components to expand QCN’s network coverage. The capacity that QCN is now delivering across its fibre network exemplifies how better utilisation of existing government assets can benefit Queenslanders, and in particular regional Queenslanders,” Mr Merdith said.

“We are applying the same thinking with Powerlink’s tower and co-location infrastructure.

“If we can utilise just some of the 20,000+ towers across Powerlink’s network, we can be the catalyst to dramatically improving and expanding telecommunications services to underserviced areas, particularly in regional Queensland.”

Powerlink Chief Executive Paul Simshauser said QCN and Powerlink were long-time partners in delivering for communities across regional Queensland.

“Working together with QCN to leverage Powerlink’s fibre assets has already benefited Queenslanders in providing improved access and service availability,” Mr Simshauser said.

“Providing QCN access to available tower and co-location facilities is the next logical step in expanding that collaborative approach and investment in regional Queensland for the future.”

Wireless backhaul, 5G network extensions, mmWave wireless network solutions, Open RAN solutions and neutral hosting arrangements all require tower and co-location facilities. In the capital constrained telecommunications industry, investment in tower infrastructure can be prohibitive, particularly for smaller, regional telecommunications organisations. QCN will now have access to a pool of existing towers, enabling cost effective market expansion into regional Queensland.

Through launching this new service, QCN ensures that regional ISPs have access to infrastructure that will enable them to continually improve their services to regionally based Queenslanders.

This announcement also helps to underpin the Queensland Government’s State Infrastructure Strategy which seeks to drive better utilisation of existing infrastructure as a critical enabler to enhance the digital connectivity of regional Queensland.



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About QCN

QCN provides carrier-grade backhaul services to other carriers and Internet and retail service providers, delivering increased data capacity through state-of-the-art, stable, optical networks and access to tower infrastructure.

QCN’s mission is to improve regional connectivity through leveraging the spare telecommunications capacity of Queensland government-owned assets. QCN is jointly owned by Powerlink and Energy Queensland, Queensland Government-owned Corporations.

By delivering improved telecommunications Coverage, Capacity and Competition, QCN enables Queenslanders to take advantage of their exceptional opportunities in the emerging economy. QCN’s operations improve regional connectivity through increasing competition and supporting new investment and jobs in regional Queensland.

QCN’s core network utilises Powerlink and Energy Queensland’s existing telecommunications facilities, with network extensions leveraging traditional telecommunications infrastructure providers. Since its inception in early 2020, QCN has driven a ten-fold increase in delivered capacity across the more than 13,000 kilometres of fibre stretching West from Brisbane to Toowoomba and beyond, and North through regional townships up to Cairns. In 2022, QCN opened up access to Powerlink’s more than 20,000 tower and co-location infrastructure, to its wholesale customers.