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Looking for
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Wi-Sky Customers are the Big Winners After QCN Backhaul Upgrade in North-West Queensland

March 20, 2024
Regional and remote customers of Internet Service Provider (ISP) Wi-Sky are benefitting from a huge backhaul upgrade which is now delivering more than 30 times the previous capacity. Richmond grazier, William Harrington, founded Wi-Sky on his property in 2016 and the ISP now services 13 towns and multiple properties across...

Beefed-up Connectivity Allows Warwick Meat Works Expansion

February 29, 2024
John Dee is bullish about the future after installing an automated sort and retrieval store at their Warwick processing plant. Described as a “giant vending machine,” the 80-metre-long refrigerator can stack, store, and retrieve up to 30,000 cartons of beef, without being touched by a human hand. Investment in automated...

QCN’s Backhaul Network is Expanding

February 22, 2024
QCN is continuing to expand its backhaul network across Queensland and interstate. With access to more than 13,000km of fibre optic cables, we’re working with big and small businesses to improve their connectivity. QCN’s mandate is to break the digital divide in regional and remote areas by delivering improved telecommunications...

Richmond Ready for High-Speed Internet

January 25, 2024
Mayor John Wharton says improved connectivity will help small businesses grow and attract people to the region who may be struggling with cost-of-living pressures in bigger cities. The mayor recently met with the Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs Mick de Brenni who travelled along the Flinders Highway between...

QCN CopperString 2032 update

December 14, 2023
Our team has been busy briefing Mayors and CEOs between Townsville and Mt Isa whose communities will benefit from the Queensland Government’s $5 billion CopperString 2032 project. CopperString will connect Queensland’s North West Minerals Province to the national electricity grid via a 1,100 km high-voltage electricity transmission line. QCN’s role is to provide improved digital connectivity for...

CommsDay: QCN SuperGrid Announcement

October 5, 2023
Queensland injects $250m into QCN to roll out FTTP, mobile backhaul in regions The Queensland government will invest $250 million in publicly owned fibre operator QCN to support an expansion of the telco’s network. That will include delivering FTTP connections in some regional communities, with the initiative linked to the...